Dear Neely Farm Residents.

Greetings. We hope that everyone is well, and is gearing up for the return for school, whatever that may look like for you and your family. As we begin to wind down the summer, we wanted to announce several pool related updates.

First: please be advised that we will be extending lifeguard coverage through August 11th. You may have already noticed that lifeguards were present during the weekdays last week, and this will continue until Tuesday. Effective Wednesday the 12th, lifeguards will be present only on weekends.

Second: with the passing of house bill 359 last week, (The Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act) which extends additional protection to organizations that continue to take safe measures in the operations of their facilities, we have elected to return to swim at your own risk operational hours, starting next Wednesday.

Effective Wednesday the 12th, the general operating pool hours will be 10am-9pm. On weekends, lifeguards will continue to be present from 11am-7pm, to aid in ensuring that we do not exceed the maximum use numbers we have implemented.
We will continue to offer lap swimming only, from 6am-10am. Please do not use the pool during these hours for any other purposes, regardless of whether there are other users present. These hours are reserved solely for lap swimming. There are to be no exceptions.

We will continue to ask that you abide by all of the Neely Farm pool rules, including the updated 2020 COVID-19 rules. 2020 Pool Rules (Covid)-final. This will include the rules added this year to help us adhere to the COVID-19 requirements imposed by the governors office, and recommended by state and national health officials.The following updates are designed to provide additional reminders and instructions as to how the pool is to be used during these SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK (SAOR) hours.


Warning: "Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.”

1.We ask that everyone continue to practice safe use of the swimming facilities and all the amenities.

If you have tested COVID-19 positive, do not use the amenities, until you are cleared by a medical professional.

If you are feeling sick, or have been in contact with someone recently diagnosed as positive with COVID-19, we ask that you not use the facilities, and seek proper professional medical advice, based on your specific conditions.

Please wash your hands thoroughly, and often.

Please continue to practice safe social distancing of 6ft, when in any non-family group encounter.

Although masks are not required, their use may be effective in protecting you and those around you

2.In all cases we cannot exceed any groups or congregations of 50 our more people, if social distancing is not beingmet. Maximum users allowed in the pool enclosure will continue to be 100 persons, with a maximum of 30 swimmers.

3.There are to be no non-member guests from outside the community. We will continue with this policy until the end of the swim season.

4. When the lifeguard is not present, and for all SAOR hours, you must have an adult present with you (18 or over) to swim if you are under the age of 16.No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to use the pool during SOAR hours without this level of adult supervision.

5. If you arrive at the pool and find that it is crowded, and approaching capacity, we ask that you please refrain from using the pool at that time until the total number of users declines. It is imperative that we as neighbors work to manage this aspect of the pool use.

6. We ask that you continue to practice social distancing, by keeping a minimum distance of 6ft from others at the pool, and pool area. This includes not moving chairs and pool furniture that has been placed to maximize users safely.


Although the 2020 swim season has been like no other before, we have been able to keep the pool open, and have continued to seek out ways to return safely to as normal an operating process as possible. This is our next step, but to do so we will need your help. We must ask that you abide by these, and all the rules of the Neely Farm HOA, when using any of the amenities areas.

Regrettably, if we should receive reports of abuses of these rules, or significant violations of the safety guidelines being implemented, we will be left with no options but to return to the more strict policies that we began the year with.

As always, thank you for your understanding, patience, and assistance as we have worked to navigate these last 5 months. We hope each and everyone of you are able to continue to be safe and healthy, and that you will help us to bring the 2020 swim season to a fun and successful close.


The Neely Farm Board
The Neely Farm Pool Committee
The Association Management Group