Neely Farm Amenities Overview

Neely Farm Clubhouse

The Neely Farm Clubhouse, as it is known today, was built in the 1930's by Frank Neely as his country retreat. It stands today as a reminder of a bygone era and as a monument to a visionary Atlantan. The bricks for the house and its courtyards came from Fulton County's courthouse which had been torn down in 1884 and the bricks were stored at Oakland Cemetery. The bricks were then carried by train to Norcross and hauled by wagon the remaining 6-7 miles to the Neely farm. Also deeply interested in trees and botany, Neely designed a formal garden and an oriental garden off the southern side of the house. Off the rear courtyard is a large, copper-doored cookout area, complete with grills, roasting spits, and a warming area. As homeowners, we strive to continue the preservation with respect and appreciation for our 'Clubhouse' and its beautiful old trees and courtyards.